My definition of a folk singer is "where the tale of how and why they wrote the song is longer than the song itself". It's also my definition of a engaging entertainer which Rob Siegel is one of the best. His ability to craft a song and put it out to audiences is fantastic and he draws on  subjects we can all relate to. He also happens to be one of my best friends that I met 30 years ago when he asked to "borrow " a driver's side door for his beloved BMW 2002 (long story best told after by the fire with a few beers). This will truly be one of the most fun and memorable nights at The Backyard.

Rob Siegel Emerson Umbrella "The Religion Set" Letter to the God I Don't Believe In

Rob Siegel is well known in Boston folk music circles as an innovative songwriter who draws from his idyllic yet stressed-out middle-class suburban existence and produces memorable, intelligent, well-crafted songs. Rob has opened for Bill Staines, Vance Gilbert, Jack Hardy, Geoff Muldaur and others. His 2004 CD “Voices from the Right Brain: Rob Siegel Live at Club Passim” reached #52 on the FolkDJ ranking, which ain’t bad for a guy who almost never travels outside of Rt 495 for a gig. 

Rob took his foot off the gigging pedal in the mid-2000s when he projected the college bills for his three kids, but now that they’re grown, he is working on his first new CD in 12 years.

Rob says "Some of the people who live and breathe traditional folk music think I’m too wordy, too metaphor-heavy, and too clever. What I try to be is challenging – somewhere between William Faulkner and Robin Williams. I don't like songs that aren't memorable, and I try not to write them myself." 

(And yes, Rob Siegel is the automotive writer who pens the column The Hack Mechanic. His first book Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic was published by Bentley Publishers in 2013. For the record, he does not wish to be known as the singing mechanic, and has no songs about cars :^)


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