Pat Metheny meets Rock and Roll. That only starts to describe the fantastic sounds that pours out of Noah Maltsberger and his crew, Boey Russell, Greg Toro and Michael Valdez. A five time veteran of The Backyard, Noah's range of talent will amaze you as he starts his show solo on the acoustic guitar, bringing in one band mate at a time with music ranging from folk through jazz to rock & roll. We are so pleased to finally have Noah play from his song book here.


You may have already heard Noah Maltsberger and not known it. A Boston guitarist born and bred, he has lived and performed in the US and beyond. Known primarily as a busy songwriter's 'creative' guitarist (to name a few: locally with Tom Bianchi's Baker Thomas Band, Samantha Farrell, Kevin So, Mike Hastings, Cilla Bonnie and roadwork with Jesse Dee) he works consistently on his own music as a composer and songwriter. 
Join Noah and his band this lovely July evening at Alex's Backyard Series- as he brings his songs and vocal performance ..alongside plenty of guitar!