Not since Springsteen and Bono have I seen a lead singer with his talent and charisma.
— Jack Casey, General Manager WERS radio in Boston

"Let Your hair Down" 

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It's Adam Ezra, need I say more? Well yes, I do...If you've have seen this him you know what kind of energy he puts out but seeing him in a setting such as The Backyard takes it to a new level. The stories about his songs alone are worth coming.  His version of Devil Went Down to Georgia "The Devil Came Up to Boston" with all of it local references is priceless. His song writing is fun as all hell.  It's this dedication to fans that inspired the 2016 "Get Folked Concert Tour" in which Ezra ventured solo/acoustic to the homes of 30 fans in as many days and almost as many states to play house concerts throughout the entire month of January. The man is a dymamo. Come absorb some of his energy of this local (Chelsea) gem at The Backyard.

Hands down, the best roots rock band to come out of Boston since the Del Fuegos.
— The Alternate Root
Adam Ezra is one of the most promising songwriters to come along in years... with the craftsmanship and insight to become a major voice in American music.
— Ben Tishler, VH1